Busy week

This past week has been very busy!

I have been preparing prints and framing them for an exhibit along with starting a video production class the time just flew by. I am very excited about the video production class and went out this morning to capture more time-lapse sequences to use for my class work. Time-lapse for anyone that has not attempted it yet is an exercise in patience. One of those activities where a good book, extra camera and possibly a beach chair come in real handy.Here is a photo shot this morning while I was patiently waiting for another camera set at 10-second intervals = 310 photos = 52 minutes to complete a sequence.


Jupiter Inlet, Florida USA

Oh, I almost forgot for anyone interested in doing time-lapse photography if you have an i-Phone there is a helpful App put out by Kessler here is the link.

Kessler, Inc. iPhone App

19 responses to “Busy week

  1. congrats on the exhibit and class…I know they will be great…gorgeous photo. Never considered time lapse photos…I’ve a long way to go before trying something like that I think…


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