Photo Gear

I just received a remote controller made by Promote Systems and took it out for a few test shots.Promote Control

So far due to time constraints I only tested the HDR bracketing which allows for up to 11 bracketed shots but for now will do 7. The user manual is an easy read as it gets directly to the point. TIP: It is a must know how to use your camera in Manual Mode to use this Remote

I am looking forward to using the other features as well which include: Time Lapse, HDR Time Lapse and Focus Stacking and Mirror Lock Up Delays. Thankfully all the features work with both Canon 5D MII and 7D. Today I used it with the Canon 7D and found it very simple and easy to use. It worked without any glitches and operated exactly as described in the manual.

I will keep you updated in future posts with tips and images created while using it.

A big thanks goes out to you all for your follows, likes and comments.



4 responses to “Photo Gear

  1. what impressive photos…the clouds in the water in the first shot are fabulous, so moody looking! I love the reflection in the second shot…I enlarged the photos to have a better look at the detail…in the second in the bottom left hand corner in the water, is that a school of fish?


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