Helpful Photography Books and Info

Hi everyone,

I have been getting a few questions about how I did this or that photo in my posts. I do my best to answer each and every question with easy to understand explanations and enjoy the sharing of knowledge.

 I to am on a constant quest for learning materials to improve my skills and creativity, having read many books by many authors these are a few that I have in my reference library.

By far my favorite photographer/author is Bryan Peterson, his lessons get straight to the point with clear examples and explanations.

Here are a few of Bryan’s  books I recommend:

Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Composition Field Guide: How to See and Photograph Images with Impact

Bryan Peterson’s Exposure Solutions: The Most Common Photography Problems and How to Solve Them 

Understanding Flash Photography: How to Shoot Great Photographs Using Electronic Flash

For great Still Life Photography tutorials take a look at the book by Kevin Best 

For Black & White Photography I really like From OZ to Kansas by Vincent Versace

A Podcast I really enjoy

The Art of Photography  video podcast hosted by Ted Forbes.

Software in My Digital Dark Room:

Adobe Lightroom 4

Lightroom 4 Book I like:

The Missing FAQ – Real Answers to Real Questions Asked by Lightroom Users By Victoria Bampton

OnOne Perfect Suite 7

OnOne software is a great software if your just starting into photo editing and does a great job from start to finish, is extremely user friendly and easy on the wallet as compared to PhotoShop. Plus they send you free preset packs about once a month and have many video tutorials on the website.


Great software now at a great price since Google bought the company right now the complete collection is $149US it used to cost $699US

NIK Silver EFX is the best in my opinion for Black & White Conversions and does targeted adjustments.


Great HDR Software just remember you can burn your toast with it, what I mean is over process your image but some folks like their toast and HDR Images that way.  See my Previous HDR History Post

Its all good :->

Adobe Photoshop CS6

I listed Photoshop Last in the list because well, it hardly ever gets used. The OnOne Software does Layers and fits my workflow better.

That is all I have for now and thanks to all my fellow bloggers as you all inspire me with your written word, photos and art.

8 responses to “Helpful Photography Books and Info

  1. thank you for all the links…I’m particularly interested in the OnOne Perfect Suite 7, as I find Photoshop expensive…I will check it out!


  2. This is a great list, Steve! Thanks so much for providing this info as I can always learn new and better ways to shoot. I particularly get into exposure issues with stark highlights and shadows, so one of these should do it for me!! Thanks as well for viewing my site again and liking “In this Corner”, “Tail Feathers”, “Ruffled Feathers” and “Variations on HDR”.


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