You Get What you Get

As an outdoor photographer you are at the mercy of nature. You get up at 5am to get to one of your favorite spots hopeful that the weather report is accurate. But as we know it is the weather and nothing is for sure that is why it is call a prediction. You get all set up and you notice that the cloud cover is thick and unyielding. Then you say to yourself well I have seen this before and it will open up a bit.

Still hopeful for some possibility of a bit of color in the sky when the sun begins to peek out from the horizon. You sit patiently with you finger on the shutter button, the sky begins to lighten up like a giant soft box. It’s then you realize that the clouds are not going to magically part for you. Now, you can either pack it up and go home or hang out and shoot some photos.

Shoot some photos for goodness sake. You get what you get when your dealing with nature.

I never have found a place where there is absolutely nothing to photograph. It may not be what I hoped or planned for, but that’s ok.

For me, the main thing is to be outside enjoying the fresh air, sounds and the view. The camera is simply along for the ride. I love photography but my main motivation is to capture the splendor and beauty of the places I visit. Sharing the photos here and at exhibits is fun and hearing someone say “I wish I could get up that early, that is beautiful,” makes it worth the early mornings. Why, because someone else was able to sleep in? No of course not because of the fact that I was there, present in the moment, observing nature at work. I look forward to the daily dance of sun, moon and tide swirling around uninterrupted . It simply is, and we are simply a part of it, whether we choose to be or not, it happens.

So, when you venture out with your camera and you choose to dance with nature, listen to the music.

6 responses to “You Get What you Get

  1. I actually found that I enjoy shooting photos during the golden hours: early morning and sunset. I also enjoy using natural light more than artificial light. I agree with what you’ve said and beautiful landscapes!


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