A New Year, New Challenge

A new site for my New Years Challenge http://only50mm.wordpress.com

Simply 50mm

I have decided to challenge myself this year to shoot at least one image a day. That is a challenge in itself because I have sometimes gone weeks without touching the camera.

Here is the added twist, the image can only be captured with a 50mm prime lens.

canon 50mm

The reason is simple, to concentrate on the image and not the gear.

Simplify Simplify Simplify

The images will not follow a particular genre and will be a mix of whatever subjects happen to be in front of my 50mm lens.

This was not shot today but it was shot with 50mm lens I will post todays image by 11:59pm today.

~Steve daPonte


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6 responses to “A New Year, New Challenge

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  2. I wish you good luck with your challenge!
    I own a prime 50mm f/1.4 lens which I often use for portraits in low levels of natural light. It gives fantastic results.


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