8 responses to “Untitled

    • I have a hard time titling photos to it makes it even harder when you know what the story is.
      These two people are total strangers but I think what attracted here attention was the same thing that attracted mine.
      That bright neon green shirt!!!
      My wife said a good title would be Neon Leon 🙂

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  1. I’m with a few of the others here re: the “leaving” theme. My first thought was “I’m outa here”, others were “No more”, “Enough!” and “walking away…”. The shirt never came into play, Steve. To me it was more (and I don’t mean to presume a thing) is that the lady looking after him c/b pregnant and is hoping he’ll turn around.


  2. lol…interesting how people see things differently….I first thought, “paradise found” then when I looked closer noticed the woman looking in the man’s direction and thought…”moving on is hard to do”…the color of his shirt didn’t even enter my mind! 🙂


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