Different Techniques

The images below are of the same subject but vastly different image capture techniques were used.



The image above was captured as bracketed photos -2  0  +2  EV then post-processed with Photomatix Pro.

The next Image below was a single 20-Second exposure while painting the scene with a pocket flashlight.

I like both the images but prefer the one below.

It is definitely a more accurate representation to what was actually seen by my eyes. Also I like the fact that I decided to shoot this one in portrait format which tells the story much better of an old Florida General Store.



12 responses to “Different Techniques

  1. Steve, I agree with you. I think that HDR images have their place. The use of a flashlight is something I want to try more of. I did it with the launch of the orange boats on New Years eve in the Salmon River. Now that you can get a very light and powerful flashlight there is no reason not to carry one and play.


  2. This reminds me of my great grandparents old greenhouse where vestiges of a time gone by lurked passively. I love the old place that was largely demolished brick by brick.

    Then the rebirth happened and it was singing a different tune. One that is conciliatory and respectful


  3. Nicely done! I like the 2nd one also. We used to paint with light on 4×5 in the film days. Never knew what you had until you got your chromes processed! Digital gives instant feedback to fine tune your creativity.


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