Flamingo Gardens Aviary

Some folks spent black friday well, spending of course on all those deeply discounted limited Qty must have items.

Not Me!

This is a great time to travel to a local attraction with no crowds or parking issues just peace and tranquility. We decided to travel to Flamingo Gardens in Davie Florida which is about an hour drive from home. This is a place I once visited as a child and I am so happy the place is still there and going strong as a Botanical Garden and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Here are a few photos from a walk through the 25,000 square foot Everglades free-flight facility, housing one of the largest collections of wading birds in America with over 250 birds representing more than 45 species native to Florida. The five unique ecosystems of the Florida Everglades are represented through the display of native plants; coastal prairie, mangrove swamp, cypress forest, subtropical hardwood hammock, and sawgrass prairie.


I think Rule #14 should be a bit higher on the list possibly in the top 5 at least.




These little fellows were so cute and if you knelt down they would gather round and strike a pose 🙂


It is called Flamingo Gardens for a reason 🙂





The Three Amigos

10 responses to “Flamingo Gardens Aviary

  1. Sounds like a nice day. The flamingo is remarkable. Yes, 14 to a higher number. It sounds as if you’ve had the unpleasant experience. Too many seagulls has been mine. Bodega Bay and Hitchcock all over again.


  2. I agree, this would have been a much more pleasant day! Awesome photos of such beautiful subjects! and yes…#14 definitely should have been much higher… 🙂


  3. Had to come back to this and the sign. Some people are oblivious even with a sign that clearly spells things out. It amazes me that we have signs (one example locally about not feeding the geese), yet parents bring their kids with loaves of bread. Make me want to jerk their heads back w/ mouths pried wide open! Sorry, just a small rant…


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