Beach Time-Lapse

About a month ago I posted a few time lapse videos here is another to share with you all. The other videos did not have people moving about in them but this time the location left little choice. After viewing it a few times though it would not be the same without the people and makes for a very active scene.

14 responses to “Beach Time-Lapse

  1. Great video Steve! My first time visiting your blog, do you mind if I ask you what your camera setting were? I see you used final cut pro for video editing.


    • My Camera was set to Aperture Priority F22 Manual Focus set to 3-Feet using a Sigma 15-30mm lens which was connected to a syrp genie which pans and controls the camera shutter time. Really cool device a friend has loaned to me.


  2. Nice TL Steve, I’ve just gotten into time-lapses and am searching for a slider, what kind do you use? I see the genie, have you ever tried a hand crank? Thanks!


    • Thank you!
      No have not tried hand crank unit I have been lucky to access to the Syrp Genie. I have been trying the Hyper time lapse technique of moving the tripod a few inches at a time which so far has been challenging.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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