Viewfinder Isolation

How many times have you been peering through that little viewfinder on your DSLR and been so engaged by what you see that time seems to stop.

What I mean is that your focused and ready to press the shutter button, oblivious to the water or other object coming towards you!

Then as you press the shutter button the realization aka the water or other object rushing towards you hits! What just happened, you think to  yourself , yikes now I am all wet, knocked over etc. and you never saw it coming?

Well, that is Viewfinder Isolation to be so engrossed in the scene that you some how think you are separated or even invisible to the consequence.

That is exactly what happened capturing this photo!


Thankfully due to a quick flash of thought “oh no saltwater soaked camera”!

With a swift move I lifted the camera “which was perched on a gorilla pod one inch off the sand”.

I was soaked but ever so grateful that my camera was dry 🙂

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