Lighthouse Camera Club Field Trip Night Photography Roosevelt Bridge, Stuart FL

Last saturday evening the camera club went on a field trip to do some night photography at the Roosevelt Bridge. We all met for dinner at the Pelican Cafe, it was a great turnout of about 28-30 LCC Members.


Pelican Cafe
351 SW Flagler Avenue
Under the Roosevelt Bridge
Stuart, FL 34994

The weather was not very cooperative and it rained nearly the entire evening but the bridge has very nice walkways underneath and I was still able to capture a few shots. Night Photography is definitely a new challenge for me and I am looking forward to more night trips.


Photo facing west as the sunsets


Walkway under bridge


Photo Facing North East

27 responses to “Lighthouse Camera Club Field Trip Night Photography Roosevelt Bridge, Stuart FL

  1. They are all good but I really like the first under the bridge photo. It seems as if you set camera to emphasis the disappearing bridge sections until they disappear in the curve. I also like the color of the sky particularly with the fine line of blue that it coming through between the two highways.


  2. Some great shots here, especially those taken under the bridge. I’m looking to improve my night photography too, it’s an art that’s for sure! You seem to be doing a great job.


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