The Digital Darkroom

Today as seen in my previous post Fisheye Sunrise  I have had the pleasure of shooting with a 8mm-15mm F4 fisheye lens today. The fisheye lens imparts a very unique look to the scenes perspective. In the previous post the photo was shot at a focal length of 8mm on a full frame DSLR with the result shown here↓


Yes the outside edges are the inside of the lens barrel which I think is pretty cool!

The next image was shot at 15mm which is a nice ultra-wide shot↓

pierfisheyesunrise1It looks cool but what do you do if you want to correct the perspective?

Well, that depends on what tools you have in your Digital Darkroom there are a number to choose from. The first would be the perspective correction tools in LightRoom4. I tried that and it did a fair job at correcting it but ultimately I found that PhotoShop CS6 worked the best. There is another software made by DXO Optics which is geared specifically to perspective correction that has great reviews but I have not tried this one yet.

Besides PhotoShop did a pretty good job correcting the perspective↓

pierfisheyesunrise2Final image with perspective correction applied and final adjustments done in OnOne Perfect Suite

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23 responses to “The Digital Darkroom

  1. Nice work! I didn’t comment, but I really liked the one the other day, too. I have thought about a fisheye lens . . . You always display wonderful images.


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