Blue Sky-Blue Boat-Yellow Construction Cranes?




Our world is ever changing for better, for worse or just because that is what time does it changes everything. It moves in one direction, forward and the pure reality is we live in the now not the past not the future the now. The bridge to the past are those split seconds captured in a photograph.

In a few shorts months those yellow construction cranes will be gone. Replaced by three brand new mixed use buildings and it will be interesting what this this view will look like. Ah the power of photography to capture moments in time to review later and say that is what it used to look like.

4 responses to “Blue Sky-Blue Boat-Yellow Construction Cranes?

  1. love this shot…the contrast between the water, boat and cranes make for a great shot. Some say progress stands still for nothing or no one, while others feel it is a step backwards, regardless it is what it is…I look forward to seeing the difference once the buildings are up…


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