Yesterday I stopped by a construction site along the Intercoastal Waterway on my way to work. Driving by this scene for the last month or two and watching the progress brought on the desire to capture a few shots. I have a fondness for construction sites mainly because my father once had his own construction company. Many of my summers and the first part of my young adult working life was working for my father. I did not like the work very much but I did like the end result when the building was finished and the feeling of accomplishment that goes with a job well done.

Ok back to the point which is the word Ugly.

Many times when I am out shooting someone will walk by and say what are you taking a picture of or why are you taking a picture of that? On this morning a lady walking her dog walks by me and says ” Why would anyone take a picture of ugly grey concrete” I did not respond as she kept walking and clearly no response from me was required. I kept shooting and thought about her statement. My conclusion was that my vision as a photographer which has been developing over time is much broader, somewhere along the line I have dropped the word ugly from my mindspace.  The grey concrete to me in my vision is simply a work in progress part of the forward motion that the cycle of the world around us moves in. This grey concrete is potential a place for new businesses to grow and places people will call home.  Is that potential ugly, I think not.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

~Wayne Dyer



Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


10 responses to “Ugly?

  1. well said Steve…I do think artistically inclined people see & feel visuals differently…there is a connection…or maybe we are more open to the connection. Regardless…I think these shots are awesome…


  2. I too am very attracted to construction photography. There are so many levels to the subject, man’s use of tools, the structure under the skin, the people who do the actual work. The idea that something that most people; like your dog walker, fail to appreciate that it holds an intrinsic beauty.
    I like the way you used the sky and the water as counterpoints to the angularity of the building. Beautiful use of color and composition too. I especially like the lower image with the canal receding into the distance.


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