Creative Freedom & Inspiration

As of late I have been feeling a bit lazy, that’s ok because I know for me the lazy never lasts long and the downtime gives my mind space to be inspired. Inspiration for me comes from looking at thousands of photos, art works and reading books none of which can be done when your working. In my downtime I have been reading The Inspired Photographer by Nicole S Young check it out it is a great read and the tips are very helpful! One of my issues is that I have GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I like to have the latest gadgets AKA toys to play with. Sometimes these items can be a great asset but they can also be distractions and creativity killers AKA a missed photo while a lens swap was in progress. The main clue that you may have too much gear is when you say to yourself the following phrases “I need a bigger camera bag! ” or ” Crap! This backpack is getting heavy.”

One of the exercises in The Inspired Photographer by Nicole S Young is to take One Camera and One Lens and shoot one style or subject. So that is what I did yesterday with the choice being a 100mm Macro Lens and these are the images that came from this exercise in simplification. I must admit in the summer heat it was nice to not have the backpack. Also within the spirit of simplification I decided the only post processing adjustment would be cropping.

Return to the simplicity of nature. There’s nothing more awe inspiring than nature itself. The fantasy to return to a less tumultuous life almost always involves living in the splendor of the mountains, the forests, or the tundra; on an island; near the ocean; or beside a lake. These are universal urges, since nature is created by the same Source as we are, and we’re made up of the same chemicals as all of nature (we’re stardust, remember?).  ~Wanye Dyer

17 responses to “Creative Freedom & Inspiration

  1. Fantastic images!
    Here, and on all your posts! Many thanks for all your simple and easy to understand tips too, as well as inspiring thoughts for hobbyist or beginners like myself!


  2. It is a balance. Document what we see and yet be there. Love you thoughts on it today. I actually had one of those moments today. Since I broke my kodak I have not been photo crazy and spent time watching instead of shooting. Be here now certainly applies. R


  3. Great post, sometimes it is too easy to get caught up in the gear and processes of photography that by the time we mentally work through all of it, actual photography takes a back seat. Well said, and wonderful photos!


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