Inspire me

Inspiration comes from nowhere to now here, from observation and interpretation, from the dark hidden corners or the brightly lit wide open but it will only make itself known to the seeker. The desire to be creative drives us on to be here now in the moment soaking in the sights and sounds. To make of it as we wish and present it as we see it within our minds to an outward journey from the heart to share with others.

Inspiration can strike like a bolt of lighting or quietly after a nights slumber made known to us through a dream. But all is lost if we choose to ignore it  make excuses or simply write it off as a whim. Creativity my friends takes a courageous heart and a strong spirit to move us forward past the doubt.

What engages your mind?

What fuels your heart and soul?

Maybe it is a sunrise just like the one pictured below!



11 responses to “Inspire me

  1. You have HDR as one of your tags. If it not being to nosy what HDR software do you use? I use Corel Paintshop Pro X4 and its HDR merge and I like it but it is a little hard to get the right feel I want. Also I have yet to step up to RAW and use jpg files so this may have something to do with my results.


      • I hope to get Lightroom4 this Summer.I believe I have heard of Photomatix but not On One Perfect Effects. Are they freeware or retail items?
        I use five to seven shots depending on which point and shot I use. I will try the series of eleven and I really do need to get me a good compact portable tripod. This doing hand-held shots is for the birds 🙂


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