Depth of Field What Does it do to an image?

Today I have an example of one of the creative tools in photography, Depth of Field aka the F-Stop setting. The best way to learn how to use this is to well, do it! Here is an example of two photos of the same subject the first shot at F4.o and the second at F32 both shot using a Canon 100mm Lens.


Notice how at the F-4 the Background becomes a creamy blur. Great for bringing the attention to the subject.


In this shot F-32 was selected and notice the subject and the background nearly become one and the image becomes a different story entirely.

If you are new to photography or not comfortable with using your camera in Manual Mode use the AV Setting and play with different F-Stop Numbers. Look at your images and the effect of each F-Stop setting. Once you learn this you will start to not even think about the technical stuff and simply know what F-Stop setting to choose to get your photos story across to the viewer.

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

~Alfred Stieglitz

4 responses to “Depth of Field What Does it do to an image?

  1. thank you for explaining this in such a simple but effective way…I’ve often heard references to F setting but had no idea what it did…this shows it without requiring the words…thank you! Both photos are wonderful, but the first one is my favourite… because of the way the blur changes the photos!


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