Surf Happens

When I grab my camera, jump in the car and head off down the road the question always is so what’s your plan? Well, guess what I tell that voice, be quiet there is no plan! What no plan, that’s right for most of the week we all run on a plan a set of must do tasks that just bring on the death of the creative vision. No space in our cluttered minds to even hold a camera, paint brush or pen and be creative.

Lately for me the question of where are you going has been replaced by where ever I go the images will be there and all I have to do is show up.

On this day I wandered to a couple of my favorite places walk around see what’s up and watch what happens. Birds fly overhead, waves roll in what a beautiful day! Then as I am shooting some birds in flight, a trio of surfers walks up and one of them comments on my camera. He then asks if I would like to take some photos of them surfing. My answer was yes! So for the next 45 minutes I had a great time shooting photos of Richard and his friends which I have e-mailed to them.

Remember the universe is full of possibilities if we don’t let our over planning, over thinking minds get in the way.

Just show up it is that simple!

Here are a few of the photos

3 responses to “Surf Happens

  1. I do the same thing…I always have my camera or my iPone with me …these are incredible shots…the facial expressions on the fellow’s faces are great! I tried to take photos of surfers in Cocoa Beach FL in March but my the lens that came with my camera is 18-55 so it wouldn’t bring the surfers in close enough…I”ve been debating on whether to get a new lens to allow for this kind of thing, but not sure what would be the right choice…decisions, decisions… đŸ™‚


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