Hog Hammock Trail Test of Sigma 50-500mm Lens

I recently went on a local trail hike with a new Sigma 50-500mm lens mounted on a Canon 7D, this is a review and photos shot with the lens. I decided on this particular trail because of the abundance and variety of nature subjects.

Note: All shots were done handheld EXIF Data is visible when gallery is opened.

The first thing I notice while using the lens is that at 50mm the focusing distance to subject is about 1.5-2ft which is amazing and makes this lens extremely  versatile. Then at the 500mm end it goes up to about 4-6ft which again is fantastic! The auto focus is quiet and achieves focus lock quickly. The color and clarity of the images in my opinion is wonderful and slightly better than my Tamron 18-270mm . The build quality of the Sigma Lens is great and I like that it has the slide switch for zoom lock which many lenses of this type I have tried do not. The weight of the lens is about 4.4 pounds which for me is very manageable shooting handheld and with Optical Stabilization is perfect for grab and go shooting.

All in all,  if you’re looking for a lens with more reach this is a great choice not only for the price but the quality and versatility.

The photos in my previous post sandhill-cane-park-sunset were also shot handheld with the Sigma 50-500mm

Note: All shots were done handheld EXIF Data is visible when gallery is opened all images were post processed in Adobe Light Room 4 with minimum adjustments applied.

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3 responses to “Hog Hammock Trail Test of Sigma 50-500mm Lens

  1. Great shots even at 1/25. I have a 70 – 300 sigma which is much lighter and I don’t even try to take a shot below 1/100 anymore as it has no IS


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