The universe works in wonderful ways

I can not say it enough if there is a camera club in your local area JOIN IT! To have fellow photographers at all levels of experience willing to share knowledge, tips tricks etc that is reason enough to join up. Recently, as I posted on my blog a friend loaned me an 800mm lens which was quite an experience. Before that I was thinking about a 600mm but between the price and the weight forget it. Then as was looking at 500mm lenses I received an e-mail that one of the camera club members was selling some used canon gear. Yes, I will say it again join a camera club! So, I requested a list of the items and to my surprise what? a 170-500mm Sigma Lens!

The universe does work in wonderful ways.

It is an older lens but in perfect condition not even a blemish and it works great! Here are a couple photos from this morning.



“Banish doubt. When doubt is banished, abundance flourishes and anything is possible.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

5 responses to “The universe works in wonderful ways

    • Yes the camera club is the way to go if you can find one in your local area. The other option is for connections and photowalks with other photographers.
      Thanks for the likes and the comment.


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