Outdoor Photography Clothing Tip

Hi everyone!

Todays Photo Tip is about clothing and cargo pants in particular.

Several years ago I purchased a pair of  511 Tactical Pants for work and the bonus part is they are great to wear when outdoors as well. Why? They are super durable ” I have a pair that are 3-4 years old ” , stain resistant and have lots of pockets for stuff . The bonus part is the pocket that holds a knee pad. How many times have you been out in the field and knelt down to take a photo not looking and OUCH!!! Kneeled directly on a sharp rock or other object. The best part is that you don’t even know and neither does any one else that your wearing knee pads Too Cool! Check them out and shop around as sometimes they are on sale. I usually purchase mine from LA Police Gear as they have closeouts from time to time and I have also seen them at Gander Mountain Stores.

Bonus tip: Check out the Tactical Vests which again have ergonomic pockets to carry gear.


You may ask what does this picture have to do with the Tip?

Well, I was kneeling comfortably on a rocky  canal bank when I took this photo.

6 responses to “Outdoor Photography Clothing Tip

  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Oddly enough, I have been contemplating this very issue of the pants lately, looked at the 511 tactical pants and also mulling over kneepads. Very timely! Oh and great image also.


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