Along The Trail

Sometimes there are interesting places that are in the middle of your neighborhood or maybe right in your own backyard.

This little park I found between the Library and the Post Office is for the most part left to fend for itself. A carpet of pine needles blankets the ground and pinecones are left to fall where they may. That is what I like most about this place as most everything else around here is manicured to perfection. But, is not the way of nature in and of itself perfection enough?


The fern-lined path on a cool fall day in Florida provides relief from the constant heat and makes for a pleasant walk. I felt thankful that I did not have to continually wipe the sweat from my face as I looked through the viewfinder.




As I walked observing  the nature around me, I slowed down long enough to notice the texture of a broken tree.




 On the path a lone fern bursts through the blanket of pine needles and reaches for the light.



Photography is like that fern– for without the light there would be no fern or photo.  Light is indeed everything!



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